Choco-Banana Smoothie 

I decided to start this journey with a smoothie and a scrambled egg. Normally I make my eggs with milk, but that was easy enough to remove. 

My smoothie was a different story. Honey and yogurt and fruit juices are on the “no” list, so I bought sweetened vanilla coconut milk. Everyone, that stuff is not actually sweet. If you want sweet milk, drink fairlife milk. That stuff tastes like drinking melted ice cream. 

I can not imagine buying unsweetened coconut milk for smoothies. 

So, I started with:

  • 3in of a banana (frozen)
  • 1/4 cup spinach
  • 1/2 cup of vanilla coconut milk
  • 2 tsp coco powder (in an attempt to mask the coconut milk flavor.)  

It had potential but wasn’t platable. I was REALLY missing my yogurt!  Both the texture and flavor of my favorite vanilla Greek yogurt were missing.

Not feeling like experimenting, because my 2 yr old was actually trying to climb my leg, I mixed in 1 TBS of powdered sugar. Not the healthiest option out there, but it saved me from having to scrap the whole thing. From there I was able to enjoy my smoothie while continuing my hunt for the beloved “red car.”   

I only had to buy one ‘special’ ingredient for this – the coconut milk- but I hope to not repeate the recipe in the future because adding the sugar took me from 22g of carbs for the meal to 30g of carbs and there has to be a better way to add flavor. I would also love to find a way to add more protein to breakfast. 

$$ saver tips for this meal- 

  1. Buy bagged spinach at Costco and freeze half the bag before it starts to wilt. I don’t know anyone who can make it through a whole bag fast enough. 
  2. Check the back of the produce section for bananas that have started to turn brown. They can’t sell them for full price and they are perfect to take them straight home to freezer. (Peel them and break them in half before putting them in a freezer bag.)

One thought on “Choco-Banana Smoothie 

  1. Aside from adding protein powders, which the vegan ones are generally very thick, you could add pasteurized egg whites. (Near the egg beaters, only it’s only got egg whites in the carton), or hemp seeds, or nut butters depending on what is okay. 🙂


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