Gluten Free Bread 

After talking to all of my friends who have to deal with a gluten free diet, they all said this bread was the way to go. 


Let us first note the price, that $6.39 on the bag is the normal price, but I got it on sale for just under $5.00. Keeping that in mind, it is tiny. The loaf is about half the size of a normal loaf of bread. Double the price for half the size? The economist in me just about died. 

I bought it. 

I needed bread. I wanted a sandwich! 

This bread is so small that nearly 1/3 of a standard deli slice of cheese hangs off the edge.

Additionally it crumbled in my hand as I ate it. We had Bacon Sandwiches for dinner (no one in the house likes raw tomatoes so we do bacon, lettuce, and bread. Maybe some cheddar.)  Anyway, the bread on my tiny sandwich was crumbling to bits by the time I got about half way through my BLB (bacon lettuce and bread.)  

Zero structural integrity. 

Of course I will buy it again. 

I will cry as I pay for it, but turkey and Swiss lettuce roll ups just leave you wanting more (bread.) 


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