Gluten Free Bread 

After talking to all of my friends who have to deal with a gluten free diet, they all said this bread was the way to go. 


Let us first note the price, that $6.39 on the bag is the normal price, but I got it on sale for just under $5.00. Keeping that in mind, it is tiny. The loaf is about half the size of a normal loaf of bread. Double the price for half the size? The economist in me just about died. 

I bought it. 

I needed bread. I wanted a sandwich! 

This bread is so small that nearly 1/3 of a standard deli slice of cheese hangs off the edge.

Additionally it crumbled in my hand as I ate it. We had Bacon Sandwiches for dinner (no one in the house likes raw tomatoes so we do bacon, lettuce, and bread. Maybe some cheddar.)  Anyway, the bread on my tiny sandwich was crumbling to bits by the time I got about half way through my BLB (bacon lettuce and bread.)  

Zero structural integrity. 

Of course I will buy it again. 

I will cry as I pay for it, but turkey and Swiss lettuce roll ups just leave you wanting more (bread.) 


Chocolate Covered Blueberry Breakfast Shake

Man, this was too good to call a smoothie. Super simple, super delicious! 


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 2 tsp coco powder
  • 2 tsp powdered sugar

Had I thought about it, I would have included some chia seeds. Additionally, I would have included some spinach if there were any in the house. 

In the fruture I will use this as a treat, not breakfast. I do promise that I will be having this one again. Yum! 

Oatmeal Peanut Butter No-Bakes

Okay, these are super trendy cookies. They are all over Pinterest and I remember having them as a kid. Low FODMAP does not mean healthy! I mean, if you saw the proportion of my macros, it is totally out of whack. I am actually having a hard time getting enough carbs without too much fat. Not my normal problem!

All that said, my sweet tooth has been calling and my calorie count has been too low. Cookies solve both of these problems!  I can’t find the photo that I have taken of these delicious treats, but here is the recipe.  When you make them with normal milk and butter they set up pretty quickly, but when you sub in vanilla coconut milk and fake butter, it took overnight before they set up.

Please let us talk about this for a moment. I live in a high plains desert at 6000ft above sea level. While making a sandwich, your bread goes stale here. It took overnight for these cookies to actually set up. That is pathetic. I was worried that I was going to have to scrap the whole thing, but they set up eventually. If you are making these with my substitutions and live somewhere that has humidity, you honestly might have to throw them into a dehydrator or something to get them to harden. Either that or limit the amount of coconut milk or fake butter. I don’t know, but you might want to mess around with that.

It was SO NICE to have something I could just grab and go to eat. Not having much I can grab and go has been difficult. There are only so many oranges you want to eat in a week. I was so obsessed I may have justified them for breakfast once or twice. 😉 Adjusting to this diet is challenging!

Girl’s Night

Girl’s night- soooo many treats. Chocolate cake, cheese cake, etc. Luscious dips. Everything I can’t eat. 

One of my health conscious friends made some gluten free, dairy free, sugar free brownies. Those were nice. (With some water, they were pretty dry.) 

Luckily this girl’s night was potluck style so I was fortuneate that I could make something I knew I could eat. My go-to was “The Quiet Gut” cookbook.

 I made some spiced tortilla chips (corn tortillas baked with some veggie oil, salt, cumin, and chili powder.) They were tasty and even got the seal of approval from my picky eater. My husband didn’t like the smell of the baked cumin, and I didn’t like how long it took me to find a chili powder that didn’t have garlic or onion listed in the ingredients. The answer is ancho chili powder. I hated having to buy a specality spice. 

To go wht my chips I made some Pineapple Salsa, from the same cookbook. That was DELICIOUS! Super simple- pineapple, jalapeño, cilantro, salt, like and oil. I don’t know how to make it look pretty in pictures, but it got rave reviews from the girls. I need to make this to put on some grilled chicken or fish or something. Delicious!!! 

Valentine Dinner

Valentine’s dinner was simple around here. Wild rice, green salad with a balsamic drizzle and some steak bites. 

The rest of the team also had mashed potatoes. I can eat potatoes but I mashed them with lots of butter and milk the way my love likes them, so I had to pass. 

We finished off with some of the candy around the house- the kids had lots of valentine treats and we had some dark chocolate. Slowly I am starting to enjoy dark chocolate. 

No Gluten Makes Me Grumpy

More than grumpy. I haven’t posted in days for a few reasons. 1. I have been pretty much been eating the same things on repeat. Seriously, so many oranges, so much peanut butter. 2. Depression and frustration has set in; my kids even say I am moody. 3. I have been a little under the weather and I can’t decide if it is a digestion issue or if it is from some virus or something.

Tonight, after a long day of day off fun my family had pizza. I ate some pineapple. I have yet to figure out what else to eat. I am ready to go find some more peanut butter. I am pathetic. Right now I am trying to meal plan for the rest of the month, so wish me luck that I can turn things around.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Seeds

My valentine bought me Dark Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Seeds last night. They are amazing. I didn’t get a picture because we bought them at the bulk food section of the grocery store on our date and polished them off before we got the kids from the sitter.

Apparently it was easier to have me find produce and deli meat at the grocery store than it would have been to take me to a restaurant. How do people on restrictive diets survive traveling and going out?